P O W E R  L I F T  &  H A N D L E   B A R  C U P
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63515 PowerLift         
63516 Handle Bar Cup
65516Shield Kit

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Easily lifts the front or rear of snowmobile with one hand.  Has a lifted height range of 18.5" to 33.5".  Extends belt life and prevents track freeze up.  Lift the snowmobile a total of 7". Resting adjustment range of 11.5" to 26.5". Durable powder coated steel construction. 

A great accessory to the Power Lift is the Handle Bar Cup! Attaches to your Power Lift in seconds and creates a great pocket for your handle bar while you are changing carbides or inspecting the under carriage of your sled. Wide base and adjustable height. Safer than jack stands.
Power Lift
Handle Bar Cup
Shield Kit