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61050    EZ Out Pull Strap 6'                (discontinued)   
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The EasyOut has a custom designed ‘comfortable’ rubber handle and custom tooled oversized vinyl coated ‘S’ hook designed to fit any snowmobile ski handle or ATV frame for easy release.    Place the ‘S’ hook on the ATV/Snowmobile with the hook opening facing upward so it will fall away from the ATV/Snowmobile once you start moving forward as you get un-stuck.  Keep strap taught and walk to the front and side of the Snowmobile or ATV until the strap is fully extended and tight.  Use one or both hands.  Stand off to the side at a slight angle.  Pull on the strap handle using your body weight and keeping your back straight.  At the same time have the driver slowly accelerate.  You need only to exert just enough force when pulling to move the vehicle forward.  As the Snowmobile / ATV begins to move forward and slack occurs in the ‘S’ hook will drop away